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    website link to Slingbox


      Is it possible to set up the Slingbox so it can be accessed from a link on a website so that ANY website viewer can click on a link and a screen appears with image from Slingbox as well as a remote so as to change channels? What HTML or hyperlink would we need to add/embed to the website?


      We use 9 security cameras connected to an A/V modulator which puts out an analog signal on channels 1-152 . The COAX output cable is then connected to a COMBINER. The COMBINER receives the TV analog output from a DVD player and a DISH Network receiver in addition to a rooftop antenna and the MODULATOR with the 9 cameras. When traveling away from home we use the SLINGBOX for WM 6.0 on our cellphones or the SLING PLAYER software on a laptop or desktop. Our security monitoring service can also view the slingbox. We would like to use the same concept so that any viewer could see live video stream on selected channels.