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    Slingplayer PRO desktop and web crashing

    pmolson Newbie

      Hi, I need your help please...


      My Slingplayer PRO desktop and web (IE7 and Firefox 3.6) crashes a few min after it is launched.


      I don't think this is hardware related, cose it works just fine if I access it remotely using my Dell Inspiron laptopr unning Vista (Both with palyer and webwork fine), but player and web crashes when i connect to my slingbox using my IBM T42 with WinXp SP2, this to me indicates that this is not a box problem, but rather some settings or cnx problem...Here is the error msg log I get...(see attachment) also here is an excerpt from the error details when i look in slingplayerlog.txt



      00:00:00.000  00000FB8          : ----- New Filter 07/29/10 19:28:56 -----
      00:00:00.000  00000FB8          : Log Level: 1. Filter: NONE
      00:00:48.760  00000B18  SMSOCKET: WSA Err:10054 - 03206310 CSMSocket::Receive(get ): General Error [Type = Control]
      00:00:48.760  00000B18  SBDEVICE: Error occured for connectiontype: TCP, Error:0x80072746
      00:00:48.760  00000B18  SBDEVICE: Error occured for connectiontype: TCP, Error:0x923400dc
      00:00:57.893  00000B18  SBREQST : REQ_MESSAGE TIMEOUT : msg_type : 103
      00:01:09.820  00000B18  SMSOCKET: WSA Err:10054 - 03206548 CSMSocket::Receive(get ): General Error [Type = Control]

      00:01:17.622  00000B18  SBIL    : WARNING: SBILUnitialize() was called 2 times less than SBILItialize()
      00:01:17.622  00000B18  SBIL    : Calling it now - process may be hanging on shutdown...



      PLEASE HELP!!!


      I have googled this error but to no avail!!!!


      Thanks in advance!