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    Why do I have image but the slingcatcher can't control the DVR?


      When I leave my slingcatcher connected for a couple of hours it seems to lose connection with the slingbox. I try to change the channel or control the DVR, and the commands from the slingcatcher remote control won't connect with the slingbox. So the image is working and live (though sometimes it freezes) and the slingbox remote control spits out the commands, but nothing happens. I've tried to disconnect the slingcatcher or power the slingbox and/or DVR down, but that just makes it worse. Then I have sound and no image.


      The only solution I've found is to connect to my slingbox via my laptop, override the control and then log out. That forces the log-off of the slingcatcher and I can then log back on.


      Can anyone tell me what the problem is with the slingcatcher and how to fix it?