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    320 x 240 resolution? When are the real resolution options coming?


      Yes, I know it's a mobile device but as we all know there are more than a few mobile devices/phones out there that support much more resolution-wise. Mine is capable (HD2 480 x 800- more than an old standard or enhanced def TV) as are many others. Please tell me this is a priority in development as 320 x 240 is severely lacking, especially compared to the movies I already have on there, huge difference. I don't really understand why this didn't come out with better resolution settings in the "update".


      Imagine my suprise when I first downloaded the product (winmobile slingplayer 2nd version) and saw it... the thought, "Hmm, this looks like ****," comes to mind. I had to fiddle around with it and hit the "stretch screen" option just to make it look right and the menus readable. How difficult is it to make a version that users can adjust the bandwidth and resolution if desired? I know this is what you all do for a living, and I know that some things take time, that's expected, but I also know you want to have things tip-top before the monsoon vulkano comes out.


      Right now the slingplayer mobile is "ok", but if you want it to be "freaking awesome" you'll make adjustable bandwidth and resolution settings (with high resolution options)... and then I'll buy it.


      Thank you for your hard work, and I'll vote with my wallet.