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    replace power supply or wait for google TV?


      The power supply of my slingcatcher  just went south (tested my box at a friend who has a working one and it is  the power supply)

      so  could order a replacement for $20 plus   buy  $30 support and get sling to replace the defected part.  or  just wait and get a google tv box this fall (most likely get one any way) and given it does  android apps  by the slingplayer app for that for $30


      I wish  sling would give us a more straight forward way of getting all these defective power supplies replace but  all I have seen is a response from sling to contact tech support  but you can't contact tech support without paying money  or maybe I'm wrong 

      So I ask   given there is a post from sling in this forum about replacing defective power supplies  can  you please give me some more details

      do i have to pay for support  can it be replaced for free under warrenty    thanks   

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          eferz Expert

          As I understand (depending on your country of origin), Slingbox has a standard one year warranty for the replacement of defective parts.  You'll just need to contact the technical support for a replacement.  Though if you're past the 90 day puchase date, then you'll have a choice between a per incident charge or an extended service.  If you chose the per incident charge then the incidental charge is refunded if it is determined that it is definately a hardware problem.