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    AT&T U-verse


      Will slingbox work with the new AT&T U-verse television service and their signal coming into my home?

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          I have the SOLO connected to my AT&T U-verse and it works great.

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            It should work with practically any set top box of the major carriers.  It doesn't use the signal directly, but the output from the box.  But if you haven't bought one yet, I would hold off.  There have been large numbers of failures in the last few months that have not been officially explained yet, but point to faulty hardware.  As much as I liked it in the past, I can't recommend slingboxes anymore unless they fix this problem.

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                I just had mine go out with this same error I have seen so many talking about on here.  I would love to replace it, but I can't do it for fear that I will buy another slingbox with the same problem.  <sigh>

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                I'm going nuts trying to get the Sling Solo to work with my new AT&T Uverse. The signal kept dropping when I was using the electrical outlets to connect to ethernet, so I have finally hooked the box directly to the router using an ethernet cable -- a really long one.


                I had to reset the box in the midst of this process, so now Sling says the box isn't configured. The problem is that every time I try to configure it, it drops the connection again and again and again and again and again.


                I don't know whether to be mad at AT&T for telling me this will work, or mad at Sling for not staying connected.


                I am very aggravated, and my sister is about to attempt the same thing in St. Louis.


                Can someone offer some advice of what I can do? There was something on another forum about connecting to the power supply in the garage, but that seems extreme, and my cable isn't THAT long.


                Ideas? Help!