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    iPhone 4 SlingPlayer can't watch via 3G


      I installed my SLING MEDIA SB260-100 SLINGBOX SOLO last night and I was able to watch it using my iPhone while in my house.  If this was over WiFi or 3G I don't know, but it worked either way.  Now I'm away from my house with 5 full bars of 3G and I can't get it to connect for more than 2 seconds if it connects at all.  When it does connect it starts to stream and 2 seconds into it the sound stops and the video freezes.


      Does this just not work?

      Is there a way to troubleshot why it's not working?

      Is my internet upload bandwidth not big enough?  How can I test this?

      Does AT&T just suck.

      Do I need to get a refund on my slingplayer purchase as if I can't watch over 3G I have no need for it.


      Please help.