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    Help needed reconnecting Slingbox Solo


      I made some a change to my LAN and now I can't reconnect my Slingbox Solo. For some reson, it keeps losing my internet connection.  I tried resetting the hardware itself to start over but that doesn't seem to help.  Can anyone help me with this?  Thanks

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          eferz Expert

          One has to wonder exactly what changes did you make to your LAN.  As it sounds like its drastically affecting how the Slingbox Solo is able to intercommunicate on it.  Let's see if you can answer a few questions to elaborate on the issue at hand.


          1. Is your Slingbox Solo  on the same network as your PC and Mobile Phone? 
          2. How are the three devices interconnected? 
          3. If you're using the Web Slingplayer have you tried the Slingplayer Desktop for Windows?
          4. If you're using the Slingplayer Desktop for Windows have you tried the Web Slingplayer?
          5. What sort of LED indicators are showing up on the Slingbox Solo front panel?
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              I changed my LAN address setting from to (changed to avoid IP conflict with setup of VPN)

              My Slingbox was set to 1.254 and so I tried reinstalling it so that I could change the assigned IP address (to 10.254).

              I have Cisco router (with VPN) upstairs and my Slingbox (downstairs) is connected through 2 Slinglinks

              All my equipment is connected to one network 

              The power light and ethernet light are on

              I tried the setup from the slingmedia.com site

              Everytime to get to setp 3 - video source, it says "connection attempt failed"


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                  eferz Expert

                  If performing a factory reset on the Slingbox doesn't wipe out the configuration.  Then it won't be able to pick up a new DHCP address for your new network configuration.  Make sure you perform the process as discribed in this article (http://support.slingmedia.com/get/KB-1000038).


                  If, however, it still doesn't work then I recommend that you briefly return the router to the original network configuration just long enough for you to be able to change the Slingbox's IP address to a static IP address that's compatible with the new network configuration.