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    need help on 2nd slinglink


      i have a slinglink turbo w1 model sl300-100 connected to my router and my dishnetwork receiver gets online without a problem.  So, I purchased a second slinklink turbo W1 model sl300-100 to connect to my xbox.  Howeveer this connection is not working.  The "homeplug" light is ON both slinklinks.  The ethernet light is ON for the slinglink connected to the router but not for the slinglink connected to the xbox.


      I have tried all troubleshooting suggestions in the provided documentation and have reset the router...and it is still not connecting to the second slinglink.


      I also tried to connect the second slinglink while the dishnetwork box was unplugged...so that it would be a single connection for the slinglink connected to the router....still not successful.


      Any ideas?