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    Power Plug and Remote IR Cable Compatibility


      I have a Slingbox AV.  My buddy has an extra Slingbox Pro SB-200.  He does not have the power plug or the Remote Control IR cable.  Will my Power Plug and Remote Control IR cable work in his Slingbox Pro?  

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          eferz Expert

          The Slingbox Pro and the Slingbox AV have different power requirements.  As, I understand the Slingbox Pro is unique that it is only compatible  to itself.  Where as the Slingbox AV's power supplies is also compatible  with the Tuner and the Classic.


          You can verify that by looking at the bottom of each Slingbox, there is a label which indicates the power requirements; volts, amps, and polarity.  There is also a label on each power supply which indicates the power that it provides.


          The IR Blaster cable should all be the same for all of the Slingbox models.