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    Within the last couple of weeks my Slingbox 500 has stopped streaming video to my laptop but the audio is ok. I am providing more details on my setup.  Can anyone help?

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      Within the last couple of weeks my Sling 500 has stopped streaming video to my laptop but the audio is fine.  It has worked perfectly for the last couple of years.  I can provide the following details, I know the more information the better chance of a fix.  First, the problem is only on my laptop.  I have a Dell Pro 8 tablet, running Windows 10, Google Chrome w/extension that is operating just fine.


      Physical connection - I am using a Comcast Cable box to feed the 500.  Cable hookup from the set top box is both HDMI and Component hookup and audio cable. Feed to the television is HDMI and is working perfectly. 


      Connection to my Linksys router is wireless and has been working perfectly also.  I use my tablet to connect through the wireless mode without problems.

      The laptop is a Dell, Inspiron 1700 running a Core I7 processor.  Windows 10 was installed earlier this summer and the Slingbox functioned perfectly.  I am using Google Chrome with the Sling extension.  I have tried reloading both Google and the Slingbox program with no change.  Another thing I have noticed is that sometimes the video will show the program screen, frozen on the first frame with no video stream.  Audio is fine.

      I'm hoping that someone can offer some help as this is a very frustrating problem