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    stuttering and freezing after adding a mac computer


           Our Solo has worked well since we installed it 8 months ago.  However, two days ago we added a Macintosh computer.


           We were already accessing the Solo on two windows xp machines, a windows 7 machine, and a windows mobile phone.  After the Mac was added we tested it and everything seemed to work fine on the Mac.   The next day, however, the video and audio would completely stop every few seconds and then resume after a few seconds more.   We tried the phone, the Mac, and two Windows computers -- same result (a few seconds video and audio; a few seconds stalling; a few more seconds video and audio, etc.).


           Resetting the Slingbox seems to have solved the problem, though I've only tested it for a couple of minutes so far.   During the new set-up process the audio continued to come through.   The same stutering continued during the set up process until I reached the end, when users are prompted to set up the box for the internet.   Once that was done, the audio no longer stuttered.   Now the audio and video seem fine, as I said.


           Can anyone figure out what happened?   Was connecting the Mac only a coincidence?   I'm reluctant to access the slingbox using the Mac again, since I'm concerned that the problem will reappear after signing off on the Mac.    If it was a coincidence, it's a remarkable one.