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    Apple TV4 App Please


      Would love to have an app on the new Apple TV with App Store. Any plans?





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          dtommyd Newbie

          Seriously Sling, what's the timeline? Not sure what the big secrecy is for?  The Fire stick version is nice as a stand alone player.  Clunky but functional.

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            Apple has just announced the Sling TV app for Apple TV. Does anyone know if this supports the Slingplayer? I would like to control my Slingbox directly from the Apple TV app.

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              We need this to turn sling player from a workaround solution to THE solution.  Can't believe we have still heard nothing on this.

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                Keep coming back - ever since the Apple TV 4th gen was released - to see when the app will be released.  This is a real need.  Airplay is less reliable than an app.

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                  As a long time SlingBox (multiple iterations since Slingbox HD) user and beta tester, I am wondering why there isn't an app available as well. I am more than willing to buy an app in App Store for ATV simply because it's easier and cheaper to do that then pay for routing cable around my house simply to watch cable TV. Forget the headaches of an additional cable TV connection, setup box, weak signal, paying extra for an additional TV outlet and an HD fee on top of that. No thanks.


                  Forget CableCard, you can't watch DRM channels via cablecard tuners. Yes, I have a SiliconDust Prime CableCard tuner and the apps that support it on ATV4 won't allow me to watch HBO channels because they are DRM tagged.


                  So, my only other option is SlingBox at this point.


                  So, SlingMedia...please develop an ATV App Store app for SlingBox for ATV so that I can watch TV around the house where I don't want to route cable.


                  I would be willing to pay $19.99 for a SlingBox for ATV app.

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                    I completely agree with this Enhancement Request.   Using Airplay to an Apple TV is not an optimal solution for users.  Using the Slingplayer on a desktop or mobile device displays live sports in true form but the instant I airplay over wifi to my AppleTV, there is generally a 75% chance I'm going to experience annoying lag or sometimes audio delay during the game I want to watch.  Please consider this opportunity and build a sling player for the AppleTV.  I'd also be willing to pay a one time feee to purchase this app as well.

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                        Sling team? Time to ante up...are we ever getting this app or not? Those of us who are software developers know that it would take very little effort to rework your existing iOS code base for the 4th gen Apple TV.  We'd also be willing to pay (yet again) for a well-performing app. Give your customers what they want!