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    Corrupt Firefox Plugin and no customer service/tech support?!?!?

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      Howdy All,

      I just purchased a NIB (old stock) slingbox solo.  I'm new to SB; however, I'm pretty technical...but THIS is what I am faced with:

      1.  downloaded the app for my iphone6 but I guess the solo wont work wireless (tru/not tru ?)

      2.  when I attempted to download and run the plugin for firefox it says that the file is corrupt and won't complete the install

      3.  I call tech support and aftter the VRU I get a fast busy (no human)

      4.  I call the main Tel# in Cali and attempted to get the receptionist (no human)

      5.  I'm not calling to a rice patty in India:)

      6.  Thanks CW USMC