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    Slingplayer connection error... PLEASE HELP


      I have had a Slingbox for two years now. I've had the usual problems with updates, resetting the sling box, etc..., but NOTHING like this.  For the last 2 weeks, whenever I try to open my Slingplayer, instantly there is a connection error saying "Can't connect to the Slingbox Location Service. Check your network's Internet connection and firewall setting. if they're okay, then the Slingbox Location Service might be unavailablel. Please try again." I have an imac computer, the firewall and connection is up to speed, the sling ID is correct, and everything is connected from my home, I don't know what the problem is. I've tried resetting, i've checked the slingbox battery which is still good, any ideas how to resolve this?  I'm on the West Coast and the slingbox is back east so I do not have direct access to the slingbox but I've been told everything is connected.

      Should I erase the slingplayer on my computer and download a new one?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.