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    Change slingbox password; remote stops working


        I am using a Slingbox ProHD.  When I set it up, the remote did not work.  Called support, they were able to get it to work, and it worked then from my end as well.  Before we hung up, they told me to change the password.  I did; the remote stopped working.  Called again, they fixed it again, and said it must have stopped working because "the cables were moved".  They were not.  Changed password again; it happened again.  Support is closed now, so there is nothing I can do until tomorrow, but is my only recourse not to change the password after I disclose it to them?  What on Earth could the problem be?  They seem to have no problem on their end, but on my end, I can't make it work, regardless of if I re-run the configuration, etc.  I'm using a Mac.  All advice welcome.