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    Does the Mac application have a cache


      I have a mac mini and have used both the old desktop application and the web based player. Neither seem to have a cache of the last hour of programming as the Windows version does. My Slingbox is a Pro HD so it needs a large bandwidth internet connection which I don't have available.

      Why isn't there a 60 minute recording cache on the Mac version as there is on the Windows version?

      Hopefully, it's there and obvious, I just have missed it. If it's not there, why not.


      Ron Compton

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          eferz Expert

          rcompton wrote:


          Why isn't there a 60 minute recording cache on the Mac version as there is on the Windows version?


          Cause its a different program.  Its based on the original Slingplayer 1.0 for the PC.  The one hour cache was only introduced in the Slingplayer Desktop 2.0 for the PC.  The Web Slingplayer plug-in does have a thirty minute viewing buffer though.


          The Slingplayer Desktop for Mac does have a buffer cache, its just not that big.  Only about 30 seconds or so long, you can see it by holding down [Option] selecting View | Show Statistics.

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              karog Newbie

              If the Web SlingPlayer has a 30 minute viewing buffer, how do you rewind it and fast forward it? Not by the remote control since that sends those commands to the source device - in my cases a set top DVR.


              The DVR can rewind but with the 5 sec lag, it is easy to over or under shoot. A plug-in buffer might be more responsive. How would it be controlled in fullscreen mode?

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                  eferz Expert

                  I hope this article (http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-1000210.html) will help you.

                  Where things are when using Watch on Slingbox.com


                  Need a guided tour of Watch on Slingbox.com? Look no further.



                  Watch on Slingbox.com features:


                  Current Slingbox

                  The name of the Slingbox that you're connected to.


                  Slingbox Options

                  Choose options such as Video Quality and Video Input.



                  Change video input (the A/V device that your Slingbox is connected to).


                  Change Slingbox

                  Watch a different Slingbox in your Slingbox Directory.


                  Show/hide remote

                  Click to show the remote; click again to hide the remote.



                  Click to display the onscreen program guide; click again to hide the Guide.



                  Watch in full screen mode (to the extent that your  computer's processing power, and the speed of your Internet connection,  allow).


                  SlingRemote (onscreen remote control)

                  An onscreen counterpart to the remote control you hold  in your hand at home. Click it with your pointer. It works just like the  real one! (If a picture of your remote control isn't available, then  you see a generic remote control image.)


                  Play/Pause control

                  Click once to play video; click again to pause. SlingPlayer stores up to 30 minutes of paused video so you don't miss your show.
                  10Playback timeline controlMove the slider backward (to re-watch video you've recently seen) or  forward (to skip ahead if you're watching stored video). The video  timeline "buffer" stores up to 30 minutes of video.
                  11Volume/mute controlAdjust the sound volume to your liking, or mute sound entirely.
                  12Streaming speedShows you the current video streaming speed (higher is better).
                  13QualityClick to adjust the video quality.
                  14Zoom control

                  Change Watch on Slingbox.com zoom (aspect ratio) formats. Choose the best one for the video source you're connected to.

                  • D - Regular TV format (4:3)
                  • A - Movie format (16:9)
                  • L - Letterbox (fits 16:9 image to 4:3 screen)
                  • P - Pillarbox (fits 4:3 image to 16:9 screen)
                  • W - Windowbox (original 16:9 image cropped to 4:3)
                  15Onscreen program guideA full onscreen program guide, based on your location  and TV service. Click a current program and you can watch it now. Click a  program playing in the future and you can change to that channel now.


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                      karog Newbie

                      Thanks, eferz. I'm on a Mac and controls 9 and 10, the ones for controlling the buffer timeline I asked about, do not appear. Some of the controls like Guide are recent additions to the Mac plug-in. So maybe the buffer just isn't implemented in the current version and will show up later. BTW, all of the other controls are available.


                      Also, this does not address how to control the buffer timeline when in fullscreen mode other than to exit that mode, do what you want and then reengage it which would be less than desirable.


                      Would also be nice if the user could specify the size of the buffer.