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    Why doesn't Slingbox Pro handle HDMI?



      I must say that I am disappointed wth the Slingbox Pro.

      I have been using the old Slingbox successfully for many years. It is a great product.

      I upgraded to the Slingbox Pro this week after reading that it handled 4 inputs including HD.

      As I wanted to be able to handle two satellite receivers, each of which has SCART and HDMI output, I thought that would be okay.

      I mistakenly understood that the Slingbox Pro handled HDMI. Now I discover that it only handles component output and not HDMI.

      So I am in the same position as before, only able to handle one box (through the composite input).


      With all the media attention on real HD, all the HD TV channels, maybe the Slingbox should accept HDMI input, or at least handled 2 sets of composite video.

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          eferz Expert

          There is actual legal and technological issues with place shifting high definition digital signals.  Most of it is covered under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP).  Often they're enforced by High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), Selectable Output Control (SoC), or Copy Control Information (CCI).


          This is why Sling Media has avoided it all together.  It was a good idea too.  As more and more set-top boxes are becoming HDCP compliant, you'll often see them causing problems   Whereby, these set-top boxes are either disrupting or disabling the non-compliant connections to prevent copying while an Digital HDCP compliant connection is found.  The baseband analog connections (Composite, S-Video, and Component) aren't affected by these restrictions.  So, its far more practical to be able to placeshift these signals both technically and legally.