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    streaming stops


      hello, I got my slinbox solo yesterday.

      it is hooked to an IPN330HD box through composite.

      network is done through a wrt54g running ddwrt as an ethernet bridge(firewall is down).

      I am trying to access the slingbox using a Vista ultimate SP2


      several problems:

      - the web application, be it through ie or firefox would never complete the set up. under ie (8.0) it freezes while loading the remote. the error is always the same; lost connection to the slingbox

      - I was able to set up the slingbox using their software, eventhough they do not offer the right remote (which is available through the web interface)

      - this morning streaming would work but resolution was awfull

      - this evening, when streaming, the stream is good but stops after about 10 seconds, once more the "can't connect to slingbox" issue


      I am quite puzzled by the lack of stability of both the ie application (it seem to break ie in ways that requires restart), and the native application.

      I need some input as to what set up could fix these issue


      my next step is to hook the slingbox straight into the main router to see if the ethernet bridge is the issue.


      if anybody has the input, please fill in.


           thank you

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          Hi dumasfr, I suggest you to contact our support center to help you out with this issue, our phone number is 1-877-467-5464 we are open from 7AM to 7PM PST.


          Best regards,

          The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderator Team