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    Moving, Lots of Moving


      I want to use my slingbox in slightly a different manner. We work in the construction busines and i want to be able to see my workbox/tool box when we are away from the site.  Make sure it is safe, etc.   However we move sites every few months.


      So do I need to start from scratch on each move?  There is lots of talk about re-programing when you change routers, however the actual router, could stay the same, however teh DSL or Cable Modem is going to change all the  time.


      So would be be better to use the same router along with the Slingbox, or does it not matter at all and would have to re-program eachtime anyway.




      BBQ Dude

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          eferz Expert

          superbbqdude wrote:

          So would be be better to use the same router along with the Slingbox


          Yes, it would simlify configuration.  Ideally, the private network provided with your own router will simplify moving.  Since the port forwarding information will be the same.  The only one change you might not be able to avoid is broadband modem has its own firewall.

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            Bryanod Novice

            To do what your asking would require you to remove the currently installed router at each location to place yours in.  You would need to know more of the current network set up than its worth.  Otherwise only your slingbox works and none of the staticly configured pc's do


            Are the sites repeated?  If so I would set the sling to a static ip add a port forward rule to that ip or place the ip in the dmz at each location.  For this to work all the routers lan ips would need to be the same.

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                eferz Expert

                Maybe my reading comprehension is off again.  I believe he's talking about the make-shift offices at most contruction sites.  Usually a trailer or bungalow just inside the site perimeter.


                Not sure if he has or needs computers which require static IP addresses.  Computers at these sites are typically laptops anyways, so they can be brought home at the end of the day.  Besides, the routers or broardband modems don't all need to be the same, if he provides his own router.  His router will provide him with a consistent portable network.

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                    Bryanod Novice

                    Efez your always spot on.


                    Its hard to fill in the what if's.  I assume each site has a router.  I think like if I was the IT person who set up a internet connection for people who require hard hats a configuration thats plug in and go..  Not that they can't configure the tcpip connection but that they don't need to.


                    So if each site is cable, yes 1 router configuration will work.  Power cycle the cable modem and attach the router will get them on.  For dsl, few come as a 1 port modem.  Nearly all have a built in router to handle pppoe authentication so attaching a router will create dual NAT. 


                    As far as static ip's I would set network printers static so that too is connect and go.  No looking for usb drivers and such