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    Guest Access to my Slingbox


      I want to have a friend view my slingbox from their home, prior to them considering purchasing a slingbox.


      Is there a way to setup the web or sling player on their computer, without me giving friend my slingbox account name & password?  Can they setup their own slingbox account to be able to log into my slingbox?


      I have setup the guest account in my slingbox, and have given them that guest password.


      Thanks in advance!

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          eferz Expert

          Actually, you can only create a guest password on the Slingbox.  They will still need to have your Slingbox ID ot public IP address to connect to it.  They can also create their own Sling Account, but you'll need to offer them your Slingbox ID and Guest Password to connect.  Either way will work.