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    SB Pro flashing lights -


      I cannot connect to my slingbox pro.  I have check everything and after a factory reset, the network light and the center light are alternatly flashing.

      Does anyone know what this means? 




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          eferz Expert

          You may want to connect your Slingbox directly to your router a test; maybe use a different port or cable.  A blinking network light is often a indication that its trying to get a DHCP address.  If the LED doesn't turn solid then it can't get one.


          Btw, the middle light, do you mean the Sling Media logo?  As I understand it is not entirely uncommon for malfunctioning AC adapter to cause the symptoms that you've described.  On the bottom of the Slingbox AV, you should see the power requirements; voltage, amps, and polarity.  If you have a compatible power supply then you can test it with your Slingbox to see if there's any change.