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    Low bandwidth


      When I did the initial set up for my slingbox at my buddies house and tested viewing the cable on my laptop the bandwidth rate was fairly high from his house running about 2000-3000 Kbps. Now I am trying it at my parents house before heading back to Germany and the bitrate is low less than a 1000, running at about 600-800 Kbps. Not sure why, since her cable internet is running at 6000 Kbps the same as my friends internet bandwidth. Any answers as to why the low bitrate when using slingplayer away from the slingbox I have set up.

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          It's a misconception that entire internet is built with super highspeed connection between sites.  However, this isn't the case.  The internet is a heterogenous web of networked sites.  This means that intercommunication between two different points are subject to the fastest speed of the weakest link.  This is more commonly referred to as a bottleneck.   Here's an example..,,



          A ===== B ===== C ===== D ===== E ===== F


          Let's say you're at point A and your trying to reach point F.  So, lets say points A-B, B-C, D-E, and E-F are all inconnected with a 10Mbps link, but the link between C-D are a 1Mbps link.  This will limit the overall speed between A and F to 1 Mbps.