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    How can I switch to 16:9?


      I get a videosignal over S-Video as 16:9. But the slingplayer shows 4:3. I have no chance to switch with the zoom-Botton to 16:9.


      What can I do?

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          eferz Expert

          The issue is the output of the S-Video and Composite of all set-top boxes.  They are bound to a 4:3 resolution, so showing a 16:9 channel within a 4:3 resolution will give you less than desireable affects.  If you look at this post (https://community.sling.com/message/12137#12137), I juxtapose the difference between the S-Video/Composite ouputs against the Component outputs as well as the difference between 4:3 and 16:9 channels, and the three different viewing aspects.

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              Thank you for your answer. The problem is the different doing of the

              - Slingmedia activex-control

              - Slingmedia Windows Player


              Yesterday I worked with the activex-control. With the activex-player I didn't find a correct zoom-function. S-Video and Composite works both false.


              A nice German slingmedia-support-employee told me, that also a Windows-Player is available. This player is only on the UK-Slingmedia-Homepage ???!!!


              But, very good for me, this player works correct (with "anamorph") :-).


              I hope, the android- and ipad-player will work correct... I will try it in the next days.

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              Hello jschroeder, have a look to the article below, it will help you with the web player.


              Where things are when using Watch on Slingbox.com


              The European version of the Slingplayer can be found here.


              SlingPlayer for Windows


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