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    Losing viewable internet feed when selecting external box


      I was setting up my Slingbox Pro. Everything works fine, including the preview of streaming video and audio, up until I have to select the external box. My actual box is not listed (Cisco Explorer 8640 HD). I think Cisco bought Scientific Atlanta so there are several Explorer models listed under SA but not my specific model. So I have tried several set ups each with a different options that make sense and ones with very similar remote set ups. Once I select the box and click "next" the feed goes to a complete black & white static feed (the good old Poltergeist screen) with no audio. The remote actually works, meaning I can view the changes being made on my actual TV and I can tell the channel has changed on my internet feed, I just can hear anything or make out the picture.


      Any one else encounter such a problem?

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          eferz Expert

          Is your Cisco Explorer 8640 HD connected to the TV via HDMI while also connected to your Slingbox using an analog cable like Composite, S-Video, or Component?  If your the Slingbox isn't displaying a proper picture, it is possible the set-top isn't providing proper a signal.  I would recommend testing the connectors from the cable box to see whether or not they're working.


          It is possible that the set-top box has Selectable Output Control (SoC) enabled, which is a part of High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).  If your set-top box is also connected so another device using HDMI then its probable that it has disrupted its own analog outputs.


          There's more information and a possible workaround in the articles below.