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    SlingPlayer 2.0.4 on Windows 10 ? Pro-HD

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      I've searched everywhere and can't find much evidence of anyone talking about this... maybe its a good thing - nobody having problems with it?  I'm considering "upgrading" to Windows 10. I just built a system with Windows 7 (last week of December 2015) and was contemplating whether I should "upgrade" to Windows 10.  I already have the 2.0.4 player and it is so superior to the other viewing options (I never watch my 350 - just collecting dust because the player choices are so annoying and inflexible).


      For example, one feature the 2.0.4 player has that Sling doesn't support in web or desktop options is to make it borderless and size the the player to whatever I want. No ads, no clunky menus, no wasted real estate. I can make it a very small size and keep the player on top. This allows me to run it in the corner of one of my monitors and not get in the way while I work.  I can make it business card size, which you can't do with the gigantic players Sling has now.. great for monitoring news or the markets, or just have a show on to keep me company.


      Has anyone done the Windows update and retained 2.0.4?

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          bobg8zwf Newbie

          It works ok on both of my windoze 10 64bit machines.

          It has a small issue with sound out of sync with video (about 1 second), but is easily "corrected" by moving the time slider back very slightly. This happens on both machines, which use different video cards (one is AMD Radeon and the other Nvidia). I did not experience this on windoze xp or 7.

          Unfortunately, as is very normal for sling, v2.0.4 is not compatible with my EchoStar HDS600RS, therefore I normally use v2.0.3.508, which also works fine with windoze 10, but again has audio sync issue.

          Video quality is not quite so good on v2xx players, compared with v5xx, but has the benefit of no ads and more options of video modes.

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              Am I glad you posted your comment !!!

              I had this sound sync problem after converting to Windows 10 on my laptop,netbook and yesterday on my main desktop PC.

              I resorted to updating to the latest ( and probably the WORST ) version of Slingplayer on my laptop and netbook machines which seemed to fix the problem.

              Your method of moving the video buffer slider works great ( even though you need to do it every time your start Slingplayer it's a small price to pay ). I hadn't tried it before as I never normally have the video buffer enabled.

              Anyway - Thanks a million.