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    confused myself... what else do I need?


      Hello I am preparing to purchase the slingbox pro and want to make sure I get everything I need.

      I have read so much I have confused myself lol


      Here is my situation...


      I want to:

      be able to watch tv on my laptop upstairs ( no tv there) or on my iphone (when I purchase the mobile app)....


      I just got dish network yesterday  I have a VIP722k duo reciever.

      The tech added a slinglink ( single port) and it is connected to my lynksys wireless router which is connected to my verizon dsl modem.


      my modem/router/slinglink is across the room from the tv and dish reciever...

      I have 4 computer in my household using that wireless internet connection.





      Do I need to purchase anything also besides the slingbox to be able to watch what's on my tv?  do I have to have a hardwired connection to both the wireless router and to the receiver?

      Thanks in advance from this newbie...