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    Slingbox 350 'starts', 'connects', then begins to 'optimize at 0%' but goes no further

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      Hi there,

      Our Slingbox 350 (upgrade from Slingbox Pro HD that stopped working) has been working well here in the US, for over a year and today, I was setting up a recording on our remote bos in the UK when the picture on the remote TV disappeared and the Slingbox 350 reported that it was reconnecting.


      I have tried on the Android box attached to the TV and on two other computers but all show the same process:

      Slingbox 350 'starts', 'connects', then begins to 'optimize at 0%' but goes no further... the circle of wait just going around and around and no progress on the '%'.

      Can anyone shed any light on what is happening? I know that the remote router/modem is working because I can view security cameras... but I cannot get a picture from Slingplayer.

      I assume that the reports of it connecting are true... so the fault must be in the Slingbox 350 or in the remote (Virgin) TV box?


      help appreciated!