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    Poor programming problem.


      So, I have a slingbox in Florida, and I'm out of country.


      I needed to change the cable box information on the slingbox, but after trying, I now cannot use my slingbox until someone is there in person to turn on the cable box.


      Apparently, I can NOT tell the slingbox that I have a new cable box, and have it power it up.  The cable box has to be turned on, there in person, then the slingbox will accept the new remote control after it senses a video signal.


      This is backwards for a remote video device.  I should be able to tell the slingbox I have "this" cable box, then it would power up the cable box, and you are good to go, but it doesn't work that way.


      If the slingbox programmers/ management views these discussions, please make that one small change, and it will make it a much better device.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I assume you are talking about an M1 or an M2 ?    All previous Slingboxes allowed you to add a device from a remote location without it being powered up.   For some odd reason this changed with the M1. 


          Although you have to remember that Sling Company policy is to make sure each new device/software upgrade is worse than the older version.   They have been doing that consistently for years now