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    Sling box 500 Wired versus Wireless


      I have a new sling box 500 coming in the next few days.  Main purpose for purchasing is to be able to sling Directv content to a second home in Florida.  My main question is will I experience better performance if I set-up the 500 via a wired connection to my router as opposed to wireless?  My easiest set-up will be wireless, but if I moved something around I could do a wired connection.


      When I say "better" performance I am thinking both at my original home as far as less impact on my home network and possibly remotely.



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          Simple answer, YES, wired is always faster performance then wireless, better video quality and possibly less interference with other wireless items in your home. What I've done is purchase a good wireless extender to my TV upstairs. (My modem and router are downstairs) so the extender boost my signal to my upstairs TV area and gives a good signal to every bedroom upstairs also. OK so now i have my wireless extender upstairs and plug my Slingbox into my extender (Wired). Works like a charm.

          The only advice I give you is not to go cheap on a wireless extender, I did that and wasted my money. I now have the NETGEAR EX7000, actually i have 2 of them in different areas of the house and am very pleased. good luck, happy holidays