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    Use M1 with an Antenna


      I have an M1 and have had it connected to Direct TV - but am now cutting the cable - I have a Home Worx box that will act as a tuner.  However, the Home Worx box only has a 3 AV input - Red, White and Yellow.  All the instructions I've seen only show how to connect a 5 input cable.  Even though the M1 has a yellow video input video.  I have been able to get a video sign through the Sling when connected to the Home Worx box, but by connecting the video to the Green cable input (I think that's the one) - but I only get black and white (which makes sense).  Anyone know why I can't use the Yellow input to the SlingBox by it's self?  I can live with the black and while if I have to, but would like color if possible.  Thanks in advance.

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