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    iPhone 6 Slingplayer App Randomly Requires Re-login


      My Slingplayer app works fine overall considering I use it at least 3 times a week if not more, but the iPhone 6 app requires me to re-login at least once every few days.  This is driving me nuts since the iPhone 6 keyboard floats on top of the login user name and password box, in effect, covering up the login screen.  I basically have to type in my email address hoping I am in the email address blank while also hoping keyboard autocorrect doesn't change my email or password.  Each re-login takes me at least 5 minutes and this is starting to get on my nerves.


      I switched to iPhone a little over a year ago and never had a problem like this on my Android devices.  I still have two Android powered tablets that never have this problems. I have tried numerous times uninstalling then reinstalling the app.  I have also cleared cookies a few times then later tried installing a second browser thinking maybe my browser storage was causing a conflict.  I haven't changed my password in over two years so I doubt a saved pw is the problem either.  Any help would be very appreciated!