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    Controller to the Slingbox 500 base unit not working

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      I set up my slingbox and discovered that it said it updated. I would have acknowledged this, but the commands from the remote were not accepted.


      I did a hard reset after seeing someone had an issue with the remote post update. Same issue. I reconnected the network cable and it updated again.


      Fortunately I was able to do several functions remotely via computer, however some functions still can't be done (that I know of) such as updates, and I was hoping an update would fix my controller/box problem.


      I think I've tried just about everything to get the controller to talk to the box. Maybe there's a way to program the controller and change bands? Any help is appreciated.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I assume you have changed the batteries to proven ones?.   Is it completely dead ?   I found the setup via the TV was not very intuitive and often thought nothing was working, but it turned out I had to use the arrows to move the highlight to what I wanted to action.  


          Try looking at the tip of the remote with a mobile phone to see if the IR is actually firing.


          I am not aware of anything that can't be done through the TV, where are you stuck ?