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    Remote control : very confused


      Hi, I live in Belgium (the Dutch speaking part), and I have a Dreambox 8000, with a Slingbox M1, which I bought a couple of days ago.

      I have been desperately trying to get things to work as I wanted, and one of the big issues is the remote.

      1) I have a remote like the one posted in this thread : Need for custom On Screen Remote to Dreambox DM800HD se (cable).

      After finding the right instructions (thank you for that, Alan Richley), I was able to install the file, but I still get the standard Dreambox remote image.
      This remote has less buttons, and on my remote some buttons have been split, for instance the yellow button does not double as a stop button on my remote.

      So how I do get the right image in there?IMG_3003-Remote-Dreambox-DM600HDse-AlanR-v2.JPGdreamboxremote.PNG




      I am confused that the buttons on the remote do not control the actual mute, volume up/down on the device, but instead will control the volume of the PC I am playing the video on.

      I then found that the onscreen menu does contain those functions, but it is awkard to have to go through them a lot, just to go from 0 volume to max. volume.

      It's also still a pity the correct remote is not being shown, as the remotes behave differently.

      My remote has a Pause/Play button, meaning if it is in Pause mode, pressing it again will toggle to play the video.

      If I press the yellow button, I normally get the Audio menu, but here it will cause it to pause the video.

      Is there a way I can customize the remote completely ?

      How to do I go from an RMDBU to a BIN file ?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          OK, you need to understand how this all works.  The functionality of a remote (specified in the PIN file) has absolutely nothing to do with the image that is displayed.    The images depend on the code that is used.  S2010 will pull up the default image, S1237 pulls up the Dreambox image that Sling have produced.   Now, your problem is that Sling do not appear to have produced the image you want.  Having said that, if you can find a built-in Dreambox model that displays the correct remote then I can amend the BIN file to match that remote.   Alternatively, I can produce a working BIN file for you with any image you want.  Just go to Downloads – Place Shifting Enthusiasts and see if there is any image you fancy.