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    Unable to control Pro-HD box (video/audio works fine) - need help


      I've lost control of my Pro HD box last week (don't know if MS patch casued my problem).  I have the Sling Box viewing software installed on a desktop running Windows XP (w/SP3) and a laptop running Windows 7.


      I can control (and view) my older Sling Solo box just find.  Each Sling Box is connected to a DirecTV DVR with a IR blaster placed next to the IR port on the DVR.  At first I thought that the IR blaster had died so I swapped the blasters between the Sling Boxes with no change.


      I borrowed a friend's Pro HD box and I can't control it either.


      I removed the Sling Box software from both systems and reinstalled it - same results, no control.  Again, I can connect to both Sling boxes I just can't control the Pro HD box (which was working fine for almost two years).


      I'm out of ideas as to what could be causing my problems - I'm open to suggestions.


      TIA - Ken