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    audio only coming from the left speaker


      slingplayer is the only program i have this problem with.  my music programs, games, etc. play just fine but slingplayer's audio only comes from my left speaker.  i was wondering if anyone else has this problem.


      i'm running windows 7 home professional 64bit version.

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          eferz Expert

          Have you checked the Slingplayer options?  By checking Slingplayer command bar Settings | Player | Audio Settings there are four choices in the drop down; Stereo, Left Channel, Right Channel, and Mono.  Is it possible that you have it set to "Left Channel"?


          If that doesn't resolve it, then you might consider checking the audio output from the set-top box to the Slingbox.  You can rewire the output from the set-top box or connect the output connectors into some audio equipment.  The Slingbox can only hear

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            I found that it was the stereo connection on the back of the Slingbox.  I disconnected and reconnected the stereo cables on the Slingbox, and walla... it worked out both speakers.  Chances are it is an issue on the stereo connections from your receiever to Slingbox.