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    Amazon Fire Stick Problem

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      I just bought a brand new Amazon Fire Stick (just received it today) and I am unable to login to the SlingPlayer app.  I'm getting a good network connection because I was able to successfully login to my Netflix account on the same Fire Stick.  I know my Slingbox credentials are correct because I've used the same credentials on several other devices.  When I attempt to sign into the SlingPlayer app, I get a message that says that there's a problem with my email address or password.  When I try to recover my password, the SlingPlayer says it doesn't recognize my email address.

      I saw another post on this topic that indicated an upgrade to the Fire Stick firmware is needed to solve this problem.  I have updated the firmware in the Fire Stick to the latest version 5.0.4 and that didn't help resolve the problem.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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          I solved my own problem.  There are two apps on the Fire Stick that look similar.  One is called "Sling Television" and one is called "SlingPlayer".  I was trying to login to the "Sling Television" app thinking that was the "SlingPlayer" app and I was wrong.  That's easy to do because the "Sling Television" app shows up by default on the Fire Stick and the "SlingPlayer" app doesn't show up at all until you go to amazon.com and select it for download to your Fire Stick.  That's another thing I learned today...in order to get the "SlingPlayer" app, I had to go to amazon.com on my laptop PC and  order the "SlingPlayer" app and push it to my Fire Stick.  Problem solved.