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    Slingbox 500 - How to perform port forwarding Motorola NVG-589?


      Sling forum members,


      I've read many of the port forwarding discussion threads for the Slingbox 500 and other models.  I am still having issues with the port forwarding and I wanted to seek help from the community. 


      First off, I am trying to perform the port forwarding on a AT&T U-Verse Motorola NVG-589.  I started by going into the Motorola's menu and opening up port 5001 for the Slingbox 500.  Next, I reset my Slingbox and went to setup.slingbox.com to reinstall everything.  Unfortunately, the setup skips over many of the key network details that I need help to adjust for port forwarding.


      Motorola NVG.jpg


      I called AT&T U-verse tech support and the only thing they helped me to was to "open all of the ports" on our wireless router.  They were not able to help me figure out how to tell the set the port to 5001 or to finish the setup for port forwarding.


      If anyone on here can help me with the finishing steps that I need to follow, please respond.  Thank you, in advance, for your support.