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    SD-quality color flip

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      I've been using a Slingbox350 connected to DVR via component and both web-player and iOS apps for quite some time. I've recently noticed a problem with color when I select "SD quality" video using the iOS player (handy to avoid waiting for the "auto" setting to settle into the lower-bandwidth speed): the colors appear to "flip" the Pb/Pr component connections. That is, the normal Y/Pb/Pr component connection on my sling box work fine most of the time, but when I switch the iOS app into "SD quality" I have to swap the Pb/Pr connections to get the right colors again. Colors remain correct with normal cabling on the web player or when the iOS app is set to "auto quality." The firmware on the sling box is current (1.5.72), and I've reset the box and app since noticing the problems.


      Just wondering if anyone else has noticed similar problems, and if anyone has discovered how to fix it (without swapping the cables).