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    Web player stopped working, cannot connect to Slingbox


      About a month ago the web player stopped working.  Previously, when trying to connect to my Slingbox, I would get a short advertisement and then the player would connect to my Slingbox and operate properly.  But now, after initializing, the screen goes to "connecting to (my) Slingbox" without playing an ad first, but it never connects.  I hear the audio briefly (maybe 10 seconds) and then that goes off.  This happened while I was out of the country and I didn't do anything that I think could affect the player (like updating software).  I have the same problem on my home network.  I have a MacBook Pro, running OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan with the firewall off.  I use the latest version of Firefox (43.0.2).  I have the same problem with Safari.  I don't have any problems using the app on my iPhone or iPad (although after you recently updated the iPhone app, it also stopped working, but I was able to change some settings and now it works fine.)  Thanks for any help.