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    addon for firefox


      Ive just upgraded to windows 10, also the latest version of firefox. I am now unable to use firefox to access my slingbox, as I cannot download the addon for firefox?? the caption just keeps saying that the file from this source is corrupt and firefox cannot use it?

      All was ok before I upgraded

      Any body help??

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello William!


          Firefox recently changed to a 64bit only browser type, similar to what Google Chrome had done a few months ago. At this time, we do have a work around for this issue:


          •In the address bar type: "about:config"

          •A message will pop up for dangers of the these options agree to them.

          •Search for "xpinstall.signatures.required". It should have a value of True.

          •Right click on "xpinstall.signatures.required"

          •"Toggle" the value will change to false.

          •Relaunch Firefox


          Mozilla is currently working on a permanent fix, but this should work for you in the mean time.


          I hope this helps!!


          Sling Media Technical Support