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    Window not visible, how to reset settings?


      The viewer window on my Slingplayer for Mac is not visible unless is make it full screen or use the side view.  i.e. if it's just floating not full screen it is not visible.  I have used it with an external display, and I do have an external display connected, yet the window is not visible.


      How do I reset SlingPlayer to reset where it thinks the screen should go?


      (BTW, this forum has the least intuitive interface I've EVER seen. It was really hard to figure out how to post this.  Bizarre.)

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          eferz Expert

          Delete for the plist files for Slingplayer.  I think that's where the Mac's keeps their preferences.




          If you're feeling really  techie and want to remove all supporting files such as your Slingbox  directory settings and favorites, you can find these files within the  Preferences folder of your Home Directory (HD>Users>your User  folder>Library>Preferences):

          • com.slingmedia.plist
          • com.slingmedia.setupassistant.plist
          • com.slingmedia.slingplayer.plist

          Now that you have removed all files, reinstalling your SlingPlayer  will result in a totally clean installation of the application and new  settings will be created again.

          We hope you don't leave SlingPlayer off your Mac for too long!