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    Cannot Get Hd Streaming in Desktop Player




      I have a sony bluray player hooked up with component cables to my sling box,

      up to this point I've been able to get HD streaming working in my sling desktop

      player, bottom left of the sling player it shows HD streaming, all of a sudden,

      the max it will show is VGA, even if I change the frame size to 1280 by 720 or higher

      it still stays at vga, but in the web based player, if I chose best and enable HD streaming

      it works.


      Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing different or wrong for the HD to stop

      working on the desktop player.


      I'm running windows 7 PRO, iv'e also tried on xp and vista, same problem, and I'm connecting

      on the local network, and getting around 5000 kbps, so i'ts not a bandwidth issue.


      Stumped on this, pls any help appreciated.




      Troy Smith

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          eferz Expert

          Hmm... take a look at the streaming statistics by opening [Alt]+[Shift]+[i] in the Desktop Player or hold down [Ctrl] and click the video stream in the Web Slingplayer.  You'll see the the steaming statistics.  That may help you figure out where the bottleneck lies.  Or, if you're having a difficult time deciphering it, then take a 1 minute video capture of the video and the statistics, and  we can have a looksie.


          Btw, mReplay Broadcast (http://www.mreplay.com/broadcast/) is a software package which will allow you to record anything that's shown on your desktop.  You can then upload the video to whichever video hosting site, like youTube.  Which is essentially what did guy did (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vfos4RHEGzI)