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    Comercial popups inside Sling Player Browser sessions makes control of Sling impossible!


      Hi Sling Player folks


      We are use Sling Player Web Plugin (Firefox and Internet Explorer) for watching with Slingbox!

      But it makes me more and more angry, because more and more Comercial popup windows

      appears inside the running Slingbox-Stream! 


      If the comercial popup Windows are there and we are watching Slingbox in Fullscreen

      its impossible to control Slingbox session over virtual Sling-Remote-Control



      The comercial popup Windows blocks the correct control of the Slingbox session

      and if we wanna have the control back, we have to close the browser

      over the Windows Taskmanager!


      I tried to use a comercial Addon Blocker program, but if I run this, it blocks also the

      slingplayer web plugin!


      Does anybody know a good .... a very good way to solve this problem????

      We would be so happy to use Slingbox stream without any problem.


      Thank you for your help.


      best regards