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    Aspect ratio autodetect not working


      I've noticed recently that the aspect ratio autodetect is no longer working in my SlingPlayer on iPhone. Programs are displayed in 16:9 regardless of whether I am watching a 16:9 or 4:3 show. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that did not solve the issue. Obviously I can work around this by selecting letterbox or standard in the settings, but this is annoying, especially when autodetect worked properly in the past. Is there anything else I can try?


      I have a SlingBox Solo connected to a TivoHD via component cables.

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          eferz Expert

          Actually, I don't ever remember that working.  In fact, I have to switch to S-Video/Composite inputs with the Standard Aspect to watch Standard definition channels in the fullest screen possible.  Whereas, for high definition channels I have to switch to Letterbox and Component.


          Notice the difference between the two pictures below.  Each picture is divided into six screenshots of the Slingplayer Mobile client.  The top picture is from the component inputs, and the bottom picture is from the composite.  The standard definition channels are all on the left side, and the high definition channel is on the right.  The first row shows the standard aspect, the second row letterbox, and the last is pillar.






          Screenshot Legend of Component

          4:3 Channel -   Standard 16:9 Channel -   Standard
          4:3 Channel -   Letterbox16:9 Channel -   Letterbox
          4:3 Channel -   Pillar16:9 Channel - Pillar

          Screenshot Legend of S-Video/ Composite