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    Is My SlingBox Broken?


      A few days ago, I couldn't watch my SlingBox (Classic) remotely, but could locally. Now I can not even watch it locally. I did a hard reset as suggested, so now when I bring up the SlingPlayer, it wants to initialize.


      When I power cycle the SlingBox, all looks OK. After some initial LED flashing, it settles down to having both lights on.  The SlingPlayer then asks for my "new" administrator password, read-only password and SlingBox name.  Both LEDs still on. Then it asks which input I am setting up -- I chose ANT. Both LEDs still on. Then it asks whether I have a cable box or direct cable input.  Some time before I get to answer this, the Network LED goes out and I get a popup saying the SlingBox is no longer connected.


      I've tried this ten times and it always is the same. Any ideas?


      Thanks -- Vincent

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          It seems to be simpler than I thought.  It now appears that if there is commumication with the SlingBox (the red Sling logo flashes), the LAN connection drops (LED goes out). It reconnects pretty quickly, but the SlingPlayer is very unforgiving and craps out.