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    Safari viewing either causes panic or disables ethernet


      I am on an early MacPro 4 cpu connected via hardwired  router and switch to a Slingbox PRO HD.  I have no problems watching the player from either my iPhone or the Mac software.  The problem comes when viewing via the web.  Most often what happens is that it tries to connect to the slingplayer and then my mac ethernet port goes down.  Network preferences shows that the cable is connected, but the port has a self assigned IP address.  I turn it off and back on but it no longer connects to the airport extreme. I can no longer ping  my airport extreme. 


      The more severe problem has occurred 4 times.  It occurs at the same time, when I'm on slingbox.com trying to connect to the slingplayer.  My mac crashes with a kernel panic (=windows blue screen).  The crash dumps seem to point to an intego virus software plugin.


      None of these problems has ever occurred before.  They occur now only when watching via Safari or Firefox.


      Wondering if anyone has seen or has any ideas.