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    How do I get to my Recordings?


      My Remote is not letting me get to my recordings, How can I get to them?? Its very frustrating.


      Thanks!! Cari

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Wow, you don't belive in giving much information do you ?


          So for starters, what type of device are we talking about, manufacturer and model number ?


          What button on your 'real' remote are you missing on the 'virtual' remote ?


          What remore 'skin' are you seeing, the basic one or a proper picture ?

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              I have the basic Model back home, but im on my Windows or pc  but it is the Manufactors!

              but I have the virtual remote for my laptop no real remote

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                  eferz Expert

                  Speciffically, he's asking about the set-top box (satellite receiver, cable box, digital video recorder) which you have connected to your Slingbox.  There's a lot of different boxes out there and the Slingbox can only provide the IR signals if has the programming for it.  The selections that you chose during the Setup Assistant help determine the IR codes which are uploaded into your Slingbox for its respective video source.


                  For example, I have my Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC connected to the Component Input.  During the Setup Assitant, I chose Cablebox as the Device Type, Scientific Atlanta as the Manufacturer, and 8300HD as the model.  This gives me a remote which is specific to this line of cable box / DVRs.


                  What is the manufacturer and model of your satellite receiver, cable box, or digital video recorder that is connected to your Slingbox?