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    New Slingbox Pro-HD lagging badly on Home Network.


      Just set it up and I can not get it to play smoothly, even low resolutions I have cat6 ran through my whole house.  Slingbox is connected to a 8 port gigabit switch in my media cabinet witch goes down to the basement 24 gigabit switch that is connected to my router.  Computer is an AcerRevo 3610, its a dual core Atom on a nvidia ION board.  I can play Blu-rays and HD youtube videos no problem, and I upgraded the ram to 3GB (it has 4 but only 3 is usable). Not sure if it matters but my internet speed is 13mb down and 2mb up.  The video bit rate jumps around alot, anywhere from 500kbps to 3000kbps. Here is a screen shot of the statics...




      Any ideas?  Thanks!