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    Slingbox M2 MAC address

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      Sorry if this has been covered I couldn't find it.

      I just installed a new M2, all seems to be working well. I have one issue

      It appears to be a confusion of MAC Addresses.


      The bottom of the Unit has a MAC Address

      I find  the M2 connected to my network with a IP DHCP

      This connection is reporting a different MAC address


      OK I trying to reserve a particular IP for this unit, I have all my network set up with reserved IP's that way if something new come up I am alerted.

      I have tried the MAC on the bottom of the M2 unit itself and pluged it in and gave it an IP

      Checking my connections I find the M2 connected to a different IP

      So I turned the M2 off and sure enough that  IP goes away

      Ok reset router, reset M2,

      the M2 comes up with the same IP and working  showing a different MAC that what is on the bottom of the M2?

      Ok so I try to reserve an IP for the MAC that it is showing. I get a error message on my router IP is invalid and the IP is not reserved.

      I go online with it and find the network set up for the M2 sure enough showing the IP my router shows and the same MAC that the router is showing

      this is NOT the MAC that is on the bottom of the M2 with the serial number?

      Anyone seen this before and what can I do about it. I really want to have a reserve IP for this unit.

      Oh Router is Asus RT-AC69U if that matters

      All was working fine with my SlingBox Pro In fact I was planning to give M2 the same IP as the old Pro had.